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Piano Buying Tips

Set a budget

The cost of a piano can range greatly from several hundred dollars to well over $30,000. 

Determine how much space you have

Pianos can take up a large chunk of space in a room.  Please be prepared to measure your available space before purchasing the piano.  Sometimes larger upright pianos may be unable to go through smaller doors inside the home or even the elevators in certain apartment buildings.  This may require the piano to be dismantled and reassembled as well as increased piano moving costs.  Please keep this in mind when you are not purchasing an apartment size piano.   

Be aware of the risks of buying privately

Buying pianos privately through the local classifieds may seem cheaper at a glance.  Please do not forget that you still have to factor in the cost of moving, tuning, and any maintenance/repair work that may have to be done to your piano.  These are costs that are generally already included in the cost of a piano at a piano store.  Buying from a reputable piano store like Piano Depot will give you the added assurance that your piano will perform like it should because we include a warranty period for all our pianos.

If you do insist on purchasing a piano privately, we highly suggest you hire a piano technician to ensure that you get a fair price on the piano.  Professional piano technicians at Piano Depot are but are not limited to providing you with the following information: the age of the piano, manufacturing country, the tension of the piano strings, whether the piano is fit for tuning, and many more.  


Listen to the sound and pitch of the piano

Not all pianos sound the same.  Some very old pianos may produce a tone that you would like more than a brand new piano.  The age of the piano should not be the only factor that you look into when purchasing a piano.  This is why we have many customers that have had their pianos that are well over a 100 years old totally rebuilt and restored by us. 






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